When I first started this site, I couldn't find any factory images or ads of the buggies I remember staring at for hours in the catalogs. So I decide a quest of sorts was in order. After several unsuccessful attempts to find these very rare images, I called RC Modeler magazine. They were the only mainstream magazine that published radio controlled model content. A huge thanks goes out to Jay Cruz in the executive offices of RCM for the help and support he and his magazine have provided.
Note: I have worked very hard on this collection, if you would like to use these images on your site please ask, just a quick e-mail will do.
Kyosho Circuit 1000 Advance
Kyosho Assault
Kyosho Assault
Kyosho Assault
Kyosho Big Brute
Kyosho Burns
Kyosho Chevy 4x4
Kyosho Corvette
Kyosho Scorpion + Sidewinder
Kyosho Beetle + others
Kyosho Datsun Pickup
Kyosho Double Dare
Kyosho Icarus
Kyosho Icarus
Kyosho Icarus
Kyosho Impacta + Mint
Kyosho Integra
Kyosho Maxxum
Kyosho Montero
Kyosho Montero
Kyosho Optima
Kyosho Optima
Kyosho Optima
Kyosho Optima Mid SE
Kyosho Pegasus
Kyosho Pegasus
Kyosho Progress
Kyosho Raider
Kyosho Raider
Kyosho Raider ARR
Kyosho Rampage
Kyosho Rocky
Kyosho Rocky
Kyosho Rocky
Kyosho Aero + Shadow
Kyosho Shadow
Kyosho Datsun Stepside
Kyosho Stinger
Kyosho Stinger mkII
Kyosho Turbo Raider
Kyosho Turbo Ultima
Kyosho Ultima Pro
Kyosho Ultima
Kyosho Ultima
Kyosho Vanning
Kyosho Circuit 10 Wildcat
Tamiya Avante
Tamiya Boomerang
Tamiya Bigwig
Tamiya Blackfoot
Tamiya Bruiser
Tamiya Falcon
Tamiya Fox
Tamiya Frog
Tamiya Frog
Tamiya Grasshopper
Tamiya Grasshopper II
Tamiya Hilux
Tamiya Luncbox
Tamiya SRBs
Tamiya SRBs
Tamiya SRBs
Tamiya SRBs
Tamiya SRBs
Tamiya Subaru Brat
Tamiya Super Champ
Tamiya Supershot
Tamiya Wild Willy
AYK group
AYK group with a Viper Shuttle
Beagle (Optima rip off)
AYK Buffalo
Mugen Bulldog
Marui CJ-7 Wheelie
Marui Galaxy
Hirobo 44B (odd body)
Hirobo Jealousy + others
Marui Hunter
Marui Hunter
Marui Samurai
Losi JrX2
Aristo-craft Kangaroo
Playtron Lynx
AYK Super Trail
Marui Thunderbird
AYK Viper
Tamiya Hornet
Tamiya Hotshot
AYK Boxer