This is one of those pages that every vintage r/c fanatic loves to put up even if it make us and our wallets nervous. As with any r/c car if we run them hard enough something will break. The only difference with vintage cars is when we do break something we can't just run to the hobby shop and replace the part that we pushed beyond it's limits. We instead must go home when the day is done and begin to look through parts box after parts box for the part we thought might be there and if it's not well you guessed it, eBay. It may be a day, a week, or months before that car can once again be ready for another photo shoot. That is if we dare to chance it again... (we always do)
Kyosho Turbo Optima (Runner) April 1, 2004
        After all the work and all the eBay shopping it's time to introduce the Turbo Optima to an old friend, DIRT. In the south suburbs of Denver we have a city funded BMX track that's free to all that show up. (that's good cause I need free) The park rangers used to kick us out for driving our r/c cars there but enough of us have been bugging the park's management, now they welcome us, and it is sweet!
        This is the perfect place to get dirty. Not at all like the all too common blue groove dirt tracks that are harder and cleaner than my kitchen floor...umm right...No this place has all the loose dirt and jumps anyone could ask for. It's also the perfect place to take your vintage buggy if you want to spend more money on eBay!
Kyosho Turbo Scorpion (Runner) Feb. 5, 2005
        Even though winter in Colorado is wet and cold, every now and then a nice day breaks and you have to take advantage of it. My Turbo Scorpion is wearing a spare set of Tomahawk runner tires. The more I drive this buggy the better it runs. Nothing broken today (thankfully) just a whole lot of dirt and a bit of mud. Notice the temporary decals, the number 5 is really the only decal that is out of place.